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Gentle Effective Physical Therapy

For acute and chronic pain, muscular-skeletal issues,  deep relaxation,

lymphatic drainage and 

sports therapy

Eveylin Osborne - Muscian

"The release in my muscles from the Kremer Method have allowed me to be pain free for 4 months now...... I would truly recommend her method."

Pulborough Natural Health Clinic


A unique combination of tailored, whole-body treatments put together by Caroline Kremer,  that focuses on finding optimal body alignment

 with an aim to

provide lasting

results and speed up injury recovery time. 

Many years of working with acute and chronic injuries have shown me you don't need to go deep into the soft tissue to find effective change to re-balance the tension in it.

The multi-disciplinary Kremer Method approach is backed by years of happy patients who have experienced fast repair to injuries with deeply relaxing gentle treatments. 


So if you want forceful manipulations or wincingly deep tissue massage you're on the wrong website!  


BUT if you're looking for a fast, lasting result read on...

Recurring injuries

If you've found the osteopath,  chiropractor and/or physiotherapist hasn't reached the spot for you, have you considered it could be because they are only addressing the symptoms and the not treating the whole body?

16yrs of being a Physical Therapist has shown me the cause and the symptoms are rarely in the same place.


This short video explains why chronic pain and many re-current injuries never get full recovery.

DON'T waste your time and money on a treatment that might not be right for you. Always speak to the therapist involved before booking.

Call now to for a free phone consultation with Caroline

Just Breathe

The unique breathing exercise that

improves body alignment and continues to benefit you long after the exercise has finished.

I initially developed this exercise to help loosen tension in the rib cages of elite and professional athletes who were looking to get better performance.

I now teach it to everyone who visits the clinic.


Little did I know how it would positively impact many other aspects of the body


Posture Key

Treat yourself to the award winning back tension release treatment you can experience at home 

".......I highly recommend that if anyone is experiencing any type of prolonged pain or discomfort to seriously consider a consultation with Caroline."

Claus Kwon

"Is it luck, coincidence or plain old thinking outside the box that all athletes working with Caroline Kremer are on top form?"

Alan Murchison 

4 x World & Euro AG Duathlon Champion

more about

SPORTS therapy

NO painful/forced manipulations


Tangible change in 1 session

Deeply relaxing

Suitable for all ages 

90-mins 1st appointment 

60-mins follow-up appointments ​

​​All musculoskeletal injuries

Sports injuries and performance​​​

Stress and anxiety

​​IBS and digestive disorders

​Lymphatic drainage

Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue

Kremer Method

The Journey 


Kremer Method, established in 2004/5, rose out of a decision that there is no "one size fits all" - and there is definitely no one therapy to fit all.  But right from the beginning I realised the importance needing to understand body alignment.


I started with Bowen therapy, gait and alignment and yoga, all the while Just Breathe was brewing in the background and launched in 2012 when the practice moved to Mayfair. By this time an international client base was building via word of mouth including elite, professional and age-group athletes, professional dancers, opera singers and actors and my work started to appear regularly in media articles.  


Evans Alignment was added in 2017.


I moved to Hong Kong where I worked with Pro rugby players, long-distance swimmers, stressed students, and a host of airline pilots with back and neck issues and this is when Posture Key became a intrinsic part of home care for those coming through the practice. So much so I launched a distribution company for it covering Hong Kong and the surrounding Greater Bay area. 


Now 2021, I've relocated back to the UK, I can be found in Pulborough!   read more on the passion behind the work.

Pulborough Natural Health Clinic

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life-long illness and wear and tear damage are addressed with monthly maintenance sessions to relieve symptoms but sadly can't cure them