To treat one part without consideration of the whole would be like using only a few pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and hoping to make a complete picture. 


I use a unique combination of physical therapy and movement practice to provide acute and chronic pain solutions for recurring injuries and issues like upper and lower back pain and long covid symptoms.


The safe, gentle and deeply relaxing cross fibre moves release tension in fascia and the musculoskeletal system. This promotes the flow of blood and lymph, and assists the body to restore structural integrity and function.

Bowen therapy requires a sequence of these precise, gentle moves through light clothing, or directly on the skin. Short breaks between the sequences alert the nervous system and give time for the body's response.

The treatment is deeply relaxing with many recipients noting changes as they happen.  The moves are applied on the whole body, some inline with guided dynamic movement of limbs.

3 - 4 sessions are often enough to instigate lasting change. 

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The lymphatic system is vital to having a healthy immune system  but is often neglected and previously only given relevance in lymphedema cases, yet many other symptoms can lead to a sluggish lymphatic system from headaches, fatigue, "unexplained aches and pains" constipation, food sensitivities and worsened allergies to weight gain and extra belly fat, swollen glands and bloating.


The Glymphatic system,  is a recently confirmed waste removal system of toxins from the brain and Central Nervous system. It is most active at night during sleep.  Further studies on this system is being done to see if there is a correlation to diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimers.

Therefore an optimal  functioning lymphatic system is core to good health and has become part of the treatment protocol within the ever evolving Kremer Method.

The treatment is deeply relaxing with many recipients noting changes as they happen. The approach is based on the Bowen therapy move. It stimulates the lymphatic system from the  point where it flows back into the cardio vascular system from the ducts under the collar bones, following the main lymph node sites from the head to the feet. 

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with Just Breathe

I launched Body Breathing with Just Breathe exercise in 2012. It is an effective breathing practice based on reverse cycle breathing exercise.
 The exercise lengthens and slows the breath pattern, increases lung efficiency, releases tension and creates smooth fluid movement of the body.

The fascial connections of the diaphragm influence movement throughout the body.   Toning all the respiratory muscles by fully stretching and re-coiling the fascia of the thoracic makes it possible to create greater fluidity of movement bringing more spring and power through the body.

 Body Breathing with Just Breathe  has all the usual well-known health benefits breathing exercises provide, but due to the nature of the exercise, this one is quick and easy to learn and tangible changes are immediate with postural alignment and performance changes and looseness around the shoulders and back noted. 


Just Breathe is now applied for lymphatic drainage  treatment.


Evans Alignment uses very gentle touch to relieve pain and muscle tension.

The treatment is non-invasive with the clients using guided gentle rotating and tilting moves to effect the adjustments. The moves are performed in a relaxed and natural way with the client fully clothed and often sitting.

As no force is applied and due to patient involvement the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which functions below the level of consciousness, causes little or no resistance to an Evans adjustment. The results of Evans Alignment can be immediate and lasting.