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"My early career was in hospitality and travel with 14 yrs in the French Alps until  ’96  when my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  It was at this point that my interest in drug- free approaches to health and well-being began to develop
This continued to be the case when I moved on to event management in sport: Cricket, along side the Professional Cricketers Association; Tennis with the ATP Campion tour events in London and pro/celebrity golf events. 

Working closely with professional and elite athletes it wasn't difficult to pick up on their frustration with how long it took to recover from injuries.  So when my career did eventually change direction towards physical therapy in 2004, I wanted to find treatments to speed up the recovery time. This meant moving away from the more conventional approach of physio, osteopathy and chiropractic treatments that athletes were already using.  This journey also led to a curiosity for respiratory work and the development of my Just Breathe - Body Breathing Practice, 
This interest, combined with my own love for sport, naturally morphed into working with, and sponsoring, elite, professional and age group athletes from a range of sports.  Word of my work spread fast within the world of triathlon and began to also extended out beyond sport into general practice for the general public. 



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My training started with Bowen Therapy but I quickly looked beyond to add depth, knowledge and experience to my practice. 

Functional Alignment (movement)

Anatomy and physiology

Bowen Therapy (Soft tissue) 

Evans Alignment (Hard tissue)

Soma Move™ (functional movement)

Massage (soft tissue)

Respiration  (Internal health/functional movement)

Gait and Alignment (movement, structure and form) 

Human Dissection (Researching fascia)

Ensomatosy (movement integration)

Yoga (Movement) 

Scar Tissue Release

Lymphatic drainage

Watch this space

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I am searching for local sports people to fill 3 sponsorship places
Age catagories: Under 18yrs, 18 to 25yrs. 25ys+ need to be competing in either age-group, professional or elite sports.
SPORTS: track and field/ triathlon/cricket/tennis
Please contact me at

I am keen to work with schools and colleges to bring an awareness on how inefficient, postural habits impact both physical and mental health.

I plan to write a book!